Goals and Action I’m noticing quite a few posts about refreshing one’s energy and taking a break for self-care. I touch on the importance of it, even though there’s a whole lot more to it than stated in this short clip from the Jeff Bullas Show. There’s a big difference between action and inspired action. 

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Top 10 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence, I’m Roberta Fernandez, your Ability Activator. And today I’m going to talk about why it’s important to develop emotional intelligence in yourself and in your organization.  So personally and professionally. And I want to remind you that emotional intelligence starts on the personal level. Being aware of your own feelings and your own motivations

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Emotions Hi, I’m Roberta Fernandez, your Ability Activator. Today we’re going to talk about emotions. We’re going talk about emotions because they are a key component in our successes and our failures in life, whether it be personal or business because  emotions combined with the way we think, our perspectives, our beliefs, all of these

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