Roberta Fernandez

About Roberta

Roberta’s story

In my sixty-three years of life, I didn’t know I had a story waiting to be told. As a serial entrepreneur, I founded six different businesses, but I never saw writing on my radar as a seventh. 

In 2006, I attended a week-long memoir writing class in Guatemala conducted by Joyce Maynard, an amazing author who’s published 17 books (so far!).

Joyce worked hard to bring out my best work despite my self-perceived lack of talent.  It was an awesome experience to be instructed by such a well-known author, but I determined that writing about myself was not a talent I possessed. 😏

The workshop did, however, give me the confidence to write in a more structured way for my profession. I’m a Board Certified Hypnotist. I’ve self-published two non-fiction books, written curriculums, and blogged topical and inspirational content online regularly for the past seven years.

Fifteen years after the Guatemala workshop, I used self-hypnosis to find the inspiration to write something fun. I suppose I should be grateful to Covid for giving me some downtime! As a first-time author, I now understand that I was simply destined to write in a different genre.  

I enjoy creating relatable characters and watching the story unfold as I type. Like my readers, I wonder what’s going to happen next. The next in the series of A Knock on the Door is ready to be published – And the Two Shall Meet. Who knows what words will flow across the screen in the next fifteen years? (A third is already in my head!)