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AHARA, a Sanskrit term, embodies a quantum leap in consciousness, empowering individuals, athletes, groups, and corporate teams to unlock their higher potential and shift from current limitations to the realm of what's possible.

Cleaning Out Your Closet

Cleaning Out Your Closet is a program that eliminates old, limiting beliefs, replacing them with a new understanding of Self and ideas for a positive and productive life.

Conscious Napping®

Conscious Napping® is an app that uses guided visualization to help you reach your full potential by improving your physical, financial, and emotional and mental well-being.


Roberta provides keynotes, workshops, and customized training on a variety of topics in the areas of emotional intelligence, organization and cultural change, and personal and professional development.

Roberta Fernandez -
Your Ability Activator

Roberta Fernandez is a personal and professional development consultant.

She is a renowned corporate trainer, an engagingt public speaker, an Integrative Emotional Intelligence Specialist, holds a Master Practitioner certification in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and is a Board-Certified Hypnotist.

She has  expertise in education, corporate consulting and training in the areas of sustainability, organizational cultural change, and emotional intelligence.

Roberta has perfected individual personal development and wellness programs, as well as executive, managerial and team corporate training programs. 


Monday Mentions

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Thursday Thoughts

Roberta presents a gem for you to think about over the weekend

Activated Dialogue

Podcasts and deeper discussions to improve your personal and professional life.

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