Roberta Fernandez

Roberta K. Fernandez, Author

A Knock on the Door

His instant reaction to the sound of gunfire was to duck his head and slam on the brakes. The car spun wildly across three lanes. Jack tried frantically to gain control as he realized that what he had heard was the sound of his tire blowing out. As he headed for the guard rail he murmured a quiet I love you to Lori. He never felt the cold dark water of the river.


A Knock on the Door

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A Knock on the Door

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About Roberta

I didn’t know that I had a story waiting to be told. One day I sat at my computer and The Knock on the Door just started to write itself.

                                                                                         The official Launch date has been set for October 4th!

Many of you have asked how you can help me get A Knock on the Door into 2,000 hands. I’ve mentioned a few ways in my last blogs, but I thought I’d bullet point a few helpful ways you can be a part of my book launch to make it easy to implement them!

  • Write a review on my website (200 books are out the door – only 14 reviews so far!)
  • Record a 1-2 minute selfie about what you found interesting or enjoyed about the book to be used on social media to promote the book (Only state your first name). You can also email me to set up a zoom, and I’ll record it for you! I need 12 (I have 0!) All participants will receive a special gift. (Yes, this is a bribe.) 
  • Submit your book selfie – you with your book; get entered to win a prize!
  •  Put Take it to the Top Thursday, November 15th on your calendar – It’s Amazon Day! This is the day to order books for holiday giving on Amazon! 100 books sold on that day puts me on their bestseller list!
  • Refer me to:
    • book clubs (I will speak virtually to the group after they’ve read it – no fee!)
    • connections to social media influencers and podcasters
    • contacts in radio, tv, or media outlets for live and virtual interviews
    • organizations who would like a speaker (live or virtual)
  • Send others to my website and ask them to enroll on Roberta’s Reader Roster – and shop for a book while there! (I receive 100% of the royalties versus 35-40% when bought elsewhere!)

                                                                                     Thanks for your support and for being on this journey with me! 
                                                                                                                                  I am so grateful!

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