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  • Is your staff grumbling about having to endure another training session?
  • Do you notice people nodding off during lectures?
  • Are you bored with the same old topics?

Finding speakers who can engage an audience isn’t as easy as you would think. Exploring topics in unique ways for your training sessions involves a lot of time and energy – both of which are typically short in supply. There are lectures and PowerPoints galore, but how many actively engage and inspire your audience.

How much useful information was communicated.

Were there tools presented that could be used immediately by the attendees?

Importantly, were there actual answers to your pain points? And lastly, was the presenter as compelling and likable on the stage as they were when they “sold” you in your office?

Ask for Insightful Instruction and Relevant Rants

Roberta has been presenting a myriad of topics to diverse populations over the past forty years. She has given more than 85 relevant keynotes, talks, and workshops in the past fifteen years. Roberta believes in sharing her best material in every presentation she gives. Even in the most technical of presentations, she finds a way to engage and inspire her audience through activities, discussion, role-plays, and breakouts. She has employed improv, hula hoops, and even built pyramids.  

While she is capable of speaking on a wide variety of topics, Roberta also designs custom talks and trainings to fit the specific needs of your organization’s audience.

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