A Higher Awareness and Realization of your Abilities

AHARA provides a quantum leap, enabling you to think from where you want to be, rather than from where you are, into the reality of what is possible.

AHARA starts in the subconscious mind, using guided visualization to tap into your higher awareness and abilities.

In a very short period of time, you will know that this process differs from anything you have ever experienced. You will clearly see how much transformation is possible with AHARA: You will release outdated beliefs, misperceptions, and unwanted baggage that stand in the way of fulfilling your dreams. You stop concentrating on what was and what is, and acquire the skill to focus on your desire.

Using guided visualization makes your first quantum leap quick and effortless. Mastering these techniques on your own keeps those quantum leaps going. And now you are probably wondering what you’ll be able to accomplish in the months ahead!

Now, the most significant difference with AHARA can be realized.

Einstein said, “The problems we have cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Reflect on how this relates to where you are now and where you want to be.

You cannot find solutions from the vantage point of the problem or your current situation. Because what you focus on expands, we guide you in creating a robust and specific image of your vision. You become intentional in problem-solving and creating from where you want to be, not where you currently are. In essence, you become a different kind of thinker, able to envision and create new world outcomes

Einstein also said,"There comes a point when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there. All our great discoveries have involved such a leap.”

Ask any great artist, scientist, inventor, or highly successful person, and they will tell you that changing how they think, process, and see things differently than the masses contributed significantly to their success.

This is at the core of AHARA. You learn how to leave the old way of “Either/Or” thinking behind and discover how to envision and implement a new and creative perspective of “Both/And.”

Using guided visualization to access your higher awareness, you realize your ability to leap into your desired result first, then explore, create, and live from that place. It’s like changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly by skipping the chrysalis stage.


AHARA is NOT a coaching program

With variations on a theme, traditional coaching programs are predictable – you decide on a trait you want to change or set a goal you want to accomplish. You lay out a plan, and your coach provides guidance and cheerleading to keep you motivated to get there. By utilizing the same old ways of thinking, you get the same old ways of thinking.

AHARA is nothing like that! Coaching happens in the logical, reasoning, and conscious mind. While helpful, your natural potential for success lies in the subconscious mind. It is home to your beliefs, rules about life, emotion, and imagination. These aspects of yourself are what shape your thoughts and drive your behavior.

A quantum leap rapidly propels you toward your desired outcomes and state of being through understanding the power of perspective and intent. AHARA enables you to think from a broader point of view and imagine endless possibilities for problems that seem to have no solution.



AHARA is for you if you are ready to separate yourself from old ways of thinking and problem-solving, and willing to remain open to new ideas, explore, reflect, accept growth opportunities, and implement what you learn.

AHARA is for you if you are ready to empower yourself to tap into your most incredible heights of awareness, allowing you to recognize and utilize your unique abilities to your benefit and others in your personal and professional life.

AHARA is for you if you are ready to transform how you think, feel, and act. AHARA is for you if you are ready to purposefully invest in yourself to quantum leap into your desired vision.

AHARA is for you if you are ready to have those occasional “aha” moment intentionally and with regularity, to utilize the power of your mind more consistently.

AHARA is for you if you have already achieved a high level of success and want to stand apart from all the others as the unique leader you desire to be.

If not now, when?


Are you ready to open yourself
to ideas that set you free to quantum leap?

You’ve spent a lifetime working in the old ways of thinking.
Isn’t it time to separate yourself from the rest and
experience the power of the
AHARA’s immeasurable potential?

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