Conscious Napping®

Awaken Your Potential!

Awaken Your Potential!

For your emotional, mental, physical, and financial wellbeing

Can’t sleep? In pain? Habits to change? Concerned about your finances? Need to address a painful headache? Nervous about giving an important presentation?

There never seems to be enough time or the right place to give yourself the attention you need to address your well-being. Your well-meaning resolution to take an hour a day to devote to yourself, your health, meditate, or listen to motivational podcasts, disappears quickly when life is always pounding on the door.

As a result, your body and mind bear the brunt of your stresses and performance, productivity, and health suffer. What can be done?

You can give your conscious mind a rest
with Conscious Napping®!

What is Conscious Napping®?

Conscious Napping is an app that uses guided visualization to improve your physical, financial, and emotional and mental well-being. Conscious Napping isn’t about sleeping. It’s a play on words that describe your ability to let your conscious mind rest while you tap into the most powerful part of your mind – the subconscious! Your subconscious mind has the ability to influence your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Conscious Napping helps harness your natural ability to intentionally address areas of your life that you want to change and improve. Using proven techniques of guided visualization and the latest research in brain neuroplasticity, Conscious Napping is the culmination of over 20 years of experience, testing, and training in education, organizational change, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.

It was once believed that you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks, but research in neuroplasticity verifies that your brain is constantly changing. Validated by years of research, tools like mindfulness, visualization, self-reflection, and meditation bring greater focus and awareness, helping you enact purposeful change. These same techniques are used by world-class athletes and business leaders to achieve peak performance.

Conscious Napping blends these tools of science and art to awaken the most powerful part of your mind so you can reach your full potential. With practice, you’ll release limiting beliefs, develop positive habits, take control of your life, and improve your wellbeing.

There are two types of content delivery, provide over 100 recordings in English and Spanish: 
          6 Core Courses
                   Smoking and chewing cessation
         The Course modules are delivered one at a time over 7 to 55 days. 
           3 Wellbeing Programs
          These modules can be used in conjunction with the Courses or at any time, in any                         order, and they cover a wide range of issues.

What Conscious Nappers are Saying

Want a Sneak Peek?

Get a sneak peak of one of the more than 100 Conscious Napping topics

The Conscious Napping app provides guided visualization using short visualizations, metaphors, stories, and scenarios that work in a deeper level of your mind to promote positive ideas and thoughts. 

You’ll find specific areas of focus to meet the many challenges that life presents, as well as topics that fit the needs and desires you have to make your  life more fulfilling and productive – to awaken your full potential!

Conscious Napping®
Unlock Your Potential

With more than 100 recordings averaging eight minutes each, you can let your conscious mind take a rest, providing rejuvenation for your mind and body. Best of all, it’s on your phone or tablet and always with you whenever you need it! 

Only $99.00

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