Thursday Thought: Is Joy Foreboding?

Roberta discusses today’s Thursday Thought: Is Joy Foreboding? Hi, I’m Roberta Fernandez, your Ability Activator, and it’s time for your Thursday Thought of the week. I was listening to a talk that Brene Brown gave recently, and she was talking about joy.  When we lose our tolerance to being vulnerable, she says joy becomes foreboding. I thought that was such an interesting thing to say, but she went on to explain that joy is one of the emotions that we all seek, but on some levels it’s the most terrifying one that we face. And she gave a couple of examples. She said when a lot of people experience joy are also worried, convinced, and even fearful that something bad will happen, and it will cause joy to leave. She also said that some people fabricate, worst-case scenarios in their head about post-joy possibilities, diminishing the joy that they’re currently experiencing, in order to lessen the blow if something goes wrong.  I hear a lot of back clients say that they never get their hopes up too high because then they won’t be disappointed. So I would recommend that you read Bernie Brown’s book called Daring Greatly. It is a fascinating, fascinating study that she is done and the results are in that book and it’s wonderful. And she says really that foreboding joy is one way that people subconsciously try to protect themselves from vulnerability and that the antidote to that is to be in a state of gratitude. So ponder that this weekend friends, and I’ll see you next week in Monday Mentions.

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