It’s BOGO Time!

In your personal or professional life, how many times have you tackled the same problem over and over, to no avail? Einstein said, “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Problem-solving begins with thinking, and thinking begins with awareness. Awareness of where you are putting your focus, of your own bias and feelings about the problem, and awareness of how others contribute to the problem or to the solution. Einstein also said, “The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If you want to get off the hamster wheel and start looking at the world through a different set of colored lenses, then now is the perfect opportunity to allocate your time, and to save some money!  When I announced the beginning of AHARA Club and Teams last December, I offered special pricing for 2024. There is only one class in September and October available for the rest of the year to take advantage of the special pricing – and I want to sweeten the deal before the new pricing takes effect in 6 months. If you enroll in AHARA in June or July for the September or October cohort, you have the unique chance to bring a friend or colleague along for free! This is not just a great way to share this transformative experience but also a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your professional network. You could also consider using this as a team experience for your company.  So, don’t miss out on this sweet summer deal. Join me in AHARA for a year-long transformation – a Higher Awareness and Realization of your Abilities. There are only 12 spaces in each cohort, so don’t put it off!  Email me at for more information, or visit I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator.
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